Henbury Court Primary Academy



Physical Education

Physical Education plays a significant role in the development of all pupils at Henbury Court; both in terms of physical literacy as well as social skills. 

Children at Henbury Court are supported in leading healthy and active lives. They become confident sports men and women who understand the importance of physical activity in their daily lives. They are motivated to succeed  and to understand the importance of developing sportsmanship attitudes with emphasis on sharing, fairness, respect and working well as a team.

The PE program is focused on fundamental skills such as co-ordination, balance and agility and provides an opportunity for children at all levels of attainment and talent to thrive in and enjoy sporting activity. We have an inclusive approach and provide the maximum possible opportunities for all children of all abilities to participate in a wide range of different sports. Our aim is to allow our pupils to enjoy a broad but purposeful experience of PE, where performance outcomes do not become a barrier to progress.

Previous learning is discussed within the review, retrieve, preview format which links each block of lessons together.  Skills are broken up into simple, achievable steps with video and teacher/pupil modelling to assist learning. 

We provide regular opportunities for children to develop their fitness and discover new ways to be physically active such as the daily mile and fitness days.