Henbury Court Primary Academy

I am a child, or adult, and I don't feel safe at home

 We will be able to help here.  Report any concerns to the school’s Designated Safeguarding Leads (Mr Howarth-Brown, Miss Brown or Mrs Stewart) by phoning the school on 0117 377 2196 or emailing office@henburycourt.tila.school

Support for children:

The Hide Out  https://thehideout.org.uk/children/adults-children-and-domestic-abuse

Child Line https://www.childline.org.uk/


Support for adults:

Next Link - for adult support https://nextlinkhousing.co.uk/

Domestic Violence Support https://www.nationaldomesticviolencehelpline.org.uk/

Zero Tolerance Bristol http://www.bristolzerotolerance.com/

Bristol against Violence and support https://www.bava.org.uk/

Womens Aid https://www.womensaid.org.uk/the-survivors-handbook/