Henbury Court Primary Academy



At Henbury Court, our aim is to create a learning environment of enthusiasm and curiosity for the world around us. We want to impart a life-long love of science within our pupils.

Our science curriculum ensures pupils gain the knowledge, scientific vocabulary and understanding they need to explore, understand and begin to explain the world around them. It also ensures pupils are encouraged to develop their scientific curiosity and understanding of scientific skills through different enquiries such as fair and comparative tests, observation over time, pattern seeking, identifying and classifying findings, research and evaluation, and studying ideas over time.

Through a range of varied and enriching experiences within science lessons, we aim to enable all children to satisfy their natural curiosity. We strive to develop rational reasoning and the confidence to make informed judgments as well as directing children to explore why Science matters in the real world

In addition to our lesson planning, we have been using interactive resources to motivate our learners. (see https://explorify.uk/

Science clubs are also available for children who are looking forward to mastering the scientific world!

To read about our science curriculum in full, click here