Henbury Court Primary Academy



At Henbury Court , we believe reading is fundamental to the education of the children in our school.  It is the gateway that unlocks the curriculum.  We're proud of our reading offer that is accessible to all children who attend our school.  For information about our reading offer, click here.

Our reading curriculum has been designed to equip pupils with the skills to speak and read fluently so they can confidently communicate their ideas and emotions with others and so others can communicate with them.

Through our reading curriculum, pupils develop culturally, emotionally, intellectually, socially and spiritually because they are given the opportunities to acquire knowledge and build on what they know already through a diverse range of stories and non-fiction. We have a structured approach to the teaching of reading which begins with the teaching of phonics to help children decode words .

Phonics are the building blocks to early reading and it is taught daily in EYFS and KS1

For further information about our approach to phonics, visit our phonics page here. 


Working in partnership with parents and carers, we make sure that all children can access reading and our aim is to provide endless opportunities for every child to become a reader .  

Children cross the school have a daily reading lesson. This involves a structured approach to whole class teaching of reading and the explicit teaching of vocabulary and comprehension strategies.

Please see below our recommended list of 100 books for each year group:

100 books for EYFS and Year 1

100 books for Year 3 and Year 4

100 Books for Year 5 and Year 6