Henbury Court Primary Academy



At Henbury Court, our aim is to develop mathematicians who are inquisitive, resilient and resourceful.  Maths helps us to understand the world around us and develops key critical thinking and reasoning skills that are essential in later life.

White Rose

This year, we are following the structure of the critically acclaimed White Rose scheme of learning.  Across the school, lessons build on children’s understanding of fluency and challenge them through an increasing amount of problem solving and reasoning questions.  This will result in children who are able to apply their knowledge in many different ways and children who understand the maths behind the process.  In lessons, children are asked to represent or interpret problems pictorially and verbally rather than just written.

Times Tables

Having an in depth understanding of times tables up to 12 x 12 unlocks a huge area of the curriculum and becomes more and more essential as children journey through our school.  From fractions to geometry to units of measure, times tables are the key.  In order to help develop these skills, Times Tables Rockstars is such a brilliant resource that children can rock out to at home and is a proven way to improve times tables fluency.  Please can you make sure that children are accessing this at home so that teachers can track their progress throughout the year.


Retrieve, Review, Preview

In Maths, the retention of knowledge is key.  At Henbury Court, we make sure all areas of the curriculum are not only taught but constantly revisited in special sessions at the start of every lesson.  We use retrieval sessions to return to concepts that may have drifted from children’s short term memories, review sessions to revise work we have done recently and preview sessions to assess any topics we are about to teach.  This approach ensures that taught skills are always bubbling away in children’s heads and that teaching and planning at Henbury Court can be as efficient as possible to suit every child’s needs.  

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