Henbury Court Primary Academy

Cultural Week

At Henbury Court, we are really proud of the diversity represented in our school. In Autumn 2022, the Parents and Carers’ Diversity Steering Group was formed to look at ways to promote and celebrate our diversity as a school. In March 2023, as part of a programme we held a “Cultural Week”

During the week, we discussed what it meant to belong to a culture. We were very fortunate to: be able to make and taste food from different cultures; listen to visiting speakers talk about their culture and beliefs and take part in a musical workshop.

At the end of the week, a food festival was held in the hall with amazing food from all over the world! Children and adults were given the opportunity to dress in clothing to represent their culture. It was really well attended by the school community, and through the generosity of donations from parents and carers, enough money was raised to buy a flag for every country represented in our school.





On 19th May 2023, a member of the Parents and Carers’ Diversity Steering Group, former pupil and current parent, Kiri Tierney, attended a whole school assembly to officially acknowledge the flag display and to speak to the children about why our diversity is the absolute strength of our school.

 Parents and Carers’ Diversity Steering Group

If you would like to join our diversity steering group, please get in touch with Ms Brown via the school office. The more people the merrier!