Henbury Court Primary Academy

Collective Worship

It is a legal requirement that all registered school age pupils take part in an act of worship each day.

In line with the 1988 Education Reform Act, these acts of worship must be “wholly or mainly of a broadly Christian Character” for the majority of the time. They must also be “appropriate, having regard to the ages, aptitudes and family backgrounds of the pupils”. 

Henbury Court Primary Academy is a multicultural and inclusive school with children from all faiths and children of no faith. We recognise that in asking our children to worship we have to consider the background that our children come from. The faith background of both the staff and the child’s family is respected at all times.

Collective worship at Henbury Court Primary Academy is first and foremost for the educational and spiritual benefit of its pupils. It is a shared activity, which allows a variety of responses. It is an inclusive activity, which builds with the broad dimensions of the curriculum.

The creation of atmosphere is assisted by appropriate music, visual foci and symbols. Opportunity for reflection and responses, prayer, story, drama and art are also used to appeal to the pupils’ imagination. Collective Worship offers opportunities to build an accurate knowledge-base about religions and beliefs which can offer children and young people a shield and counter narrative against extremist views. This in turn supports children and young people so that they are able to move beyond attitudes of tolerance towards increasing respect, so that they can celebrate diversity.

For information on our collective worship offer please click here.