Henbury Court Primary Academy



Sometimes things go wrong.  We're here to help you with any concern or complaint you may have, no matter how small it may seem. We’d much rather you called and we can reassure you than you don’t and you remain concerned. We will always listen carefully to your concerns and try to find a solution. Your first port of call will often be the class teacher. If you call the front office, they will arrange for the class teacher to call you back within 24 hours. If you feel that you’d rather speak to a different member of staff for example, the SENDCo or head teacher, then they can arrange this for you. We hope that most concerns can be sorted out this way.

However, if you or the school feels that this informal process has not reached a good conclusion then we follow the formal route which is explained in our complaints policy (link below).  This helps us work with you to find the resolution we need.  You'll be communicated with throughout the process as we take every complaint we receive seriously and we're here to help.  A key value of Trust in Learning Academies is that we listen, and we're here to listen to you.