Henbury Court Primary Academy

Behaviour and Social Interaction

At Henbury Court, we recognise that school is a secure base that can make a difference to pupil outcomes and life chances through meeting both educational goals as well as social and emotional goals. We recognise that behaviour is a taught skill that relies on the pupils in school, and its staff, working together toward a common framework – when we achieve this, we will have created an environment where every child can thrive; we are a team.

For pupils, this involves us showing these behaviours daily:

  • Consistent, fairly applied rules and expectations framed around keeping staff, pupils and the building safe
  • Respect for all, regardless of ability, skill or difficulty
  • All staff being a positive role model to the children – everyone in the school community is involved in positive interactions with the children
  • Staff being aware of their own self-regulation and showing this to pupils and colleagues
  • Predictable, reliable routines
  • A fast response to absence – noticing the quiet compliant child
  • Familiar and appropriate long term relationships so the pupils feel ‘known’

→ Term 1: all staff find out about every child and family in their class – a board in the classroom to share this and build the concept of the ‘team’ – this is a key part of our behaviour offer that underpins all we do

→ Term 2 onward: Work in this area according to the need of the cohort/class you have

  • Modelling of good relationships between adults (both staff and parents)
  • Informed reflection about incidents rather than reactivity
  • A fair disciplinary system with no arbitrary rules 

Positive rapport and good relationships cannot be fast tracked or rushed; it takes time to build and can be knocked down quickly. Little and often, slow and steady wins the race. By showing that we care, catching the children being good, triangulating your botheredness with that of your colleagues, together we will create a brilliant place for the children of Henbury to come to school and a fantastic place to work. Below is how we do things around here.

Our behaviour and social interactions handbook below details our approach to supporting children to meet the expectations in our school including our graduated approach to supporting those who may at times struggle. 

Behaviour Handbook HCPA