Henbury Court Primary Academy


Attendance is a key factor in raising attainment; it is vital that children attend school regularly in order to maximise their learning. We have a target of 97% attendance for every pupil in our school to ensure that no child falls behind in their learning. It is the responsibility of parents to make sure that their child attends school every day unless they are too ill to do so. In order to ensure that we apply our attendance policy effectively we operate a tiered approach to pupil attendance and work with a range of external partners when needed.

What happens in school if a child is absent?

At Henbury Court, we have a 5 stage process to supporting good attendance at school. If a child’s attendance falls below 97% they will enter stage 1 of our attendance procedures. If in subsequent weeks the child’s attendance continues to fall the family will be supported through the increasing number of stages.


What can parents do to support good attendance at school ?



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